Steely Dane – “Kid Charlemagne”

Madison WI’s own Steely Dane – named after Dane County where we live – played last Thursday at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI. Steely Dane is a collaboration of 16 – sometimes more – Madison area musicians who re-create the music of Steely Dan. Steely Dane shows need to be seen since they’re rare – the members all have other projects and it’s tough to coordinate schedules. Plus, musically they’re fantastic and they have so much fun playing both the Steely Dan classics and deep cuts. Here’s a great rendition of “Kid Charlemagne” from one of our outdoor festivals last summer.

Steely Dane


Jake Shimabukuro – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Jake Shimabukuro played at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI on Monday night. Jake Shimabukuro is the best ukulele player in the world – let’s start with that. If you’ve never seen him, he’s amazing! He might be best known for his cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” – over 4,000,000 views on YouTube – but he did George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in his encore and I liked it better. Jake is also a great guy! He came out after the show and signed and talked and took pictures with fans until the last one left. Getting to meet and chat with Jake Shimabukuro was a great birthday present!


Cowboy Winter – “Meet Me Halfway There”

Cowboy Winter was the headliner last Thursday at the Musicians For WORT event at the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison WI. Cowboy Winter features my good buddy, Kevin Willmott on lead vocals. I promised Kevin I’d feature Cowboy Winter on Madison Area Blues & More but the only video I could find on YouTube was this promo. If you like it, click here to hear the rest of “Meet Me Halfway There.” Thanks again to Cowboy Winter for supporting WORT!

Cowboy Winter

Blondie – “Rapture” 2014

Yesterday, I featured Modern Mod and mentioned that they seem to channel a little Blondie. Modern Mod even covered Blondie’s classic “Heart of Glass.” But that’s not my favorite Blondie song. So here’s Blondie’s latest take on “Rapture” which I’d have to say is probably my favorite. It’ll give you something to compare to Modern Mod who I hope make it just as big someday!


Modern Mod – “Monday Mornings”

What’s up?! No, I wasn’t sick – just tied up with a couple of projects. Modern Mod played a Musicians For WORT event last Thursday at the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison WI. These kids are great! Listening to them play, I couldn’t help but feel like they were channeling a little Blondie. Then midway through their set they did a Blondie cover and that cinched it! “Monday Mornings” is Modern Mod’s debut music video from earlier this year. Thanks again to them for supporting WORT!

Modern Mod

Gov’t Mule With Jackie Greene – “Heart Of Gold”

Gov’t Mule played on Saturday night at the Orpheum Theater in Madison WI. If you don’t know Gov’t Mule, you should. Gov’t Mule features Warren Haynes, who’s played with everyone from the Allman Brothers to the Dead to the Dave Matthews Band – the list goes on. Their original material is great but I love Gov’t Mule most for the terrific covers that they do. On this tour, Jackie Greene joins the band and the entire second set is a Neil Young tribute. It’s fantastic – “Cinnamon Girl” to “Rockin In The Free World” and everything in between! This video is from just last Friday and will give you a taste. For more, check out one of Gov’t Mule’s complete concerts on YouTube.

Gov't Mule