The Madpolecats – “Delilah/Soul”

Another fun band who played last Saturday at AtwoodFest were The Madpolecats. Their sound is probably best described as Rockabilly. They also bring a lot of energy to their shows! Here’s a taste from a Madpolecats show last year at the Club Tavern in Middleton WI.




Groove Session – “Get Loose”

All week, I’m featuring artists and bands who played last weekend at Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay WI. One of my favorites is Groove Session from Ontario CA. We had a treat last night in Madison WI – Groove Session played a gig at Badger Bowl along with some other Steel Bridge artists, including Kim Manning from the P-Funk All-Stars! It was an awesome show and the bargain of the year at only $6! The night ended with a “Jam Factory.” All the artists got on stage, solicited a song idea from the audience and proceeded to compose a song on the spot! It was amazing and they did it 4 times!

Groove Session


Eric McFadden & Delaney Davidson – “Lackie’s Men”

Eric McFadden & Delaney Davidson performing “Lackie’s Men” at a previous Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay WI. Wally Ingram is on drums and Jeff Hammes is on bass. This gives an example of the atmosphere of collaboration and the quality of the songs and musicianship that happens every year at Steel Bridge! Congrats to pat mAcdonald, melaniejane and everyone involved in making this year’s festival another great one!

Steel Bridge


melaniejane – “Come Together”

melaniejane performing the Beatles’ “Come Together.” melaniejane is an amazingly talented musician and singer who is often under-appreciated. As a solo artist, she’s appeared with or opened for many noted artists such as Sammy Llanas, Victor DeLorenzo and Alejandro Escovedo. She also plays electric cello, percussion, keyboard, accordion and background vocals as “partner-in-crime” with pat mAcdonald in the power duo, PurgAtory Hill. melaniejane also plays a huge role at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay WI which has become an important artistic hub. This is very cool. Hope you like it.


Zappa Plays Zappa – “Roxy & Elsewhere”

Last night, I was at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison for Zappa Plays Zappa. On this tour, Dweezil and the band are performing Frank’s album, “Roxy & Elsewhere” in it’s entirety to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it’s release. I also got to sit in on a “Masters Lesson” that he gave to 6 students before the show. Dweezil is very cool and a super nice guy – as are the rest of the band members. They came out after the show for autographs and photos with the fans. I couldn’t get you in but I can get you close – this video is from the show at the House of Blues in San Diego just 9 days ago!


Love Songs 2013 – “Ruby Red”

Today, I’m going to Sturgeon Bay WI for Love Songs 2014! All this week, 25 or so singer/songwriters and musicians have been collaborating at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay writing and recording original material. They will present the new songs in shows tonight and Saturday. Here’s one of the cool songs from from last year’s event. For more, check out Steelbridge Radio.