Dirty Heads – “My Sweet Summer”

The Dirty Heads played last Saturday night at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI for a sold out show. I hadn’t checked out their music before the show so I didn’t know what to expect. These guys are super-popular and draw a 20-something crowd with plenty of women in short skirts! Plus, they drank heavy and not beer – booze – and keep the doubles coming! Fun crowd, late night and thanks for tipping your bartenders! This is the video for “My Sweet Summer” from the Dirty Heads latest album, “Sound of Change.”

Dirty Heads



Pimps Of Joytime – “The Jump”

I mentioned that this year’s Orton Park Festival was smaller in that they didn’t book the bigger acts like in past years. Overall, it resulted in lower attendance but a good crowd came out on Sunday to see The Pimps Of Joytime. The Pimps are a band that calls Brooklyn and New Orleans home. They incorporate Afrobeat, Latin, Reggae and Funk and they brought it all on Sunday. This is an excellently produced video which will give you a good taste of their sound.

Pimps Of Joytime


Ziggy Marley – Live!

I talked about the Central Park Sessions in Madison WI and I’ll be posting more artists who appeared there. But another free music series has been Live on King Street, a series of Friday night street shows produced by the Majestic Theatre. The biggest, most enthusiastic crowd showed up for Ziggy Marley. Yeah, that’s right, he played here for free! And several Ziggy followers told me it was one of his best shows in a long time! I like to post something longer on Fridays for folks to play over the weekend. Here’s a Ziggy Marley live show with some great sound. We’re running out of summer weekends – enjoy!

Ziggy Marley


Eek-A-Mouse – Medley

I’m continuing my feature on artists I’ve seen at the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison WI. Eek-A-Mouse is a famous Reggae artist from Kingston, Jamaica and one of my favorite stories. The night he played “the Crystal” Eek-A-Mouse took a liking to my friend Patty who tends bar there. Patty kept refusing his advances until finally late in the evening he asked her, “Pah-tee! Are you afraid to be with the Eek-A-Mouse?!” And Patty answered, “Yes!” I’ll never forget the look on Patty’s face and we still tease her about it!



Stephen “Ragga” Marley – Live!

Stephen “Ragga” Marley played a sold out show Saturday night at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI. I’m glad I was ushering because there were no tickets to be had anywhere! Stephen’s son, Jo Mersa opened along with Wayne Marshall. Both are talented artists in their own right. Jo Mersa brings more of an urban flavor and style to traditional reggae. Stephen Marley is now an accomplished, experienced performer who knows how to play to a crowd. His set included tracks from his new release, “Revelation Pt. 2 – The Fruit of Life” as well as hits like “No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)” and also a handful of his father, Bob Marley’s best known songs. It was a fun 3 hour show and a great contact high up in the balcony!

Stephen Marley


Wally Ingram & David Lindley – “Jah Reggae”

Wally Ingram with David Lindley performing “Jah Reggae.” Today I’m featuring another good friend, Wally Ingram. If there’s a drummer in demand enough to be cloned, it’s Wally! He’s been a favorite of everyone from Sheryl Crow and Eric Burdon to Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Warren Zevon, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bruce Hornsby, Anders Osborne, Shawn Colvin, Tracy Chapman, Crowded House and he was one of the members of the popular Grammy-nominated band Timbuk3. Wally’s currently touring with Eric Burdon. This is from his collaboration with excellent guitarist, David Lindley. If you ever see one of the “Twango Bango” CDs, buy it! For more, click here.



Bob Marley – Live in Santa Barbara

There’s only one thing to play on Bob Marley’s birthday. Play the man all day!! Bob is still with all of us who were touched by his music, especially those like me who have visited his birthplace and laid our heads on the Meditation Stone. I’ll be going to a birthday celebration tonight at the Crystal Corner Bar In Madison WI. We’ll be eating awesome jerk dishes from Jamerica restaurant and listening to deejays and bands covering Bob’s songs. The rest of you will have to settle for this show from 1979.