Here Come The Mummies!

Here Come The Mummies played on Saturday night at the Majestic Theatre in Madison WI. Here Come The Mummies are based in Nashville TN. They perform “under wraps” as band members are believed to be under contract with various record labels and want to avoid contract disputes. Let me tell you – these guys bring the Funk!! Everybody dances and the women go crazy! If your date doesn’t go home with one of the band members, she will be ready to rock your world, believe me!

Here Come The Mummies


The Jimmys On Mad Toast Live!

The Jimmys are one of Madison WI’s favorite bands. Led by keyboardist extraordinaire Jimmy Voegeli, The Jimmys powerfully blend rock, soul, and swing into a fun and energetic show. The Jimmys toured through much of the Midwest during the summer music festival season. This video is from a Mad Toast Live! show I attended last year. Check it out and see why we love The Jimmys!

The Jimmys

VO5 – “Stayin’ Alive”

We’re running out of summer and summer festivals here in Madison WI. One of the last ones was Labor Fest on Labor Day at the Labor Temple. The weather cooperated for the most part and we had a great turnout – maybe because it’s an election year? Of course, the theme of the day is Solidarity and no band is better at getting people together than VO5, our best Disco/Funk cover band. I had a hard time finding something from them to post but this one has great sound if not video. Get up and dance!



Grupo Fantasma – “El Raton”

The headliner for “Don’t Mess With Texas” night at the Central Park Sessions was Grupo Fantasma from Austin. They’re in the Austin TX Music Hall of Fame, they’ve won a Grammy and their music has been featured on the TV shows Weeds and Breaking Bad. This was the second time I’ve seen Grupo Fantasma. They bring great energy to their shows and their music never fails to get women dancing which is always a good thing!

Grupo Fantasma

Pimps Of Joytime – “The Jump”

I mentioned that this year’s Orton Park Festival was smaller in that they didn’t book the bigger acts like in past years. Overall, it resulted in lower attendance but a good crowd came out on Sunday to see The Pimps Of Joytime. The Pimps are a band that calls Brooklyn and New Orleans home. They incorporate Afrobeat, Latin, Reggae and Funk and they brought it all on Sunday. This is an excellently produced video which will give you a good taste of their sound.

Pimps Of Joytime


Robert Randolph & The Family Band – “Nobodysoul”

Sorry that it’s been awhile since I posted. I was on vacation for a week without Internet and when I got back, my computer promptly died! But I’m back up and running and can continue to report on the amazing summer of great, free music that we’ve had here in Madison WI. In case we didn’t have enough free music festivals already, long-time music booker Bob Queen started the Central Park Sessions on Thursdays in Madison’s new Central Park. One night was an African theme and another featured Tex-Mex but the biggest crowd showed up for Robert Randolph & The Family Band! All I can say is Wow!

Robert Randolph

Charles Walker Band – “Soul Deep”

The Charles Walker Band played last Saturday at AtwoodFest. I hadn’t seen them before. They really brought the funk and everyone loved them! Charles Walker can really blow the sax and Porsche Carmon has a great set of pipes! Here’s the music video from their original tune, “Soul Deep.” It showcases both of them – and some nice booty, too!

Charles Walker