Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”

Alabama Shakes performing ‘Hold On.” On Fridays, I like to post something to get the blood going for the weekend. Alabama Shakes is one of the hottest new bands out there. Don’t know when they’ll be playing in our area so I may have to road trip it to Memphis in May to see them at the Beale Street Music Festival! If you like this one, here’s a link to their YouTube channel.




BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet “Zydeco Gris Gris”

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet performing “Zydeco Gris Gris.” As Mardi Gras approaches, I develop a taste for Cajun food and music. It’s been a couple years since BeauSoleil played in Madison but they always put on a musically beautiful show highlighting traditional Zydeco roots. This is a terrific recording taped 333 ft underground in Tennessee’s Cumberland Caverns.


Tony Castaneda Latin Jazz Quartet at the Cardinal Bar

Tony Castaneda Latin Jazz Quartet at the Cardinal Bar in Madison WI. Tony Castaneda is an accomplished musician who has played in Madison for many years. He’s also one of the most competitive guys I know. I once saw him score the winning run in a softball tournament basically on one leg – he willed himself around the bases!! I was having a beer with Tony last Friday and decided to feature him today. I picked this video because it’s shot well and the sound is good. It’s also a mellow groove for a cold Monday.


Carley Baer – “We Might Land On Mars Tonight”

Carley Baer performing an original song, “We Might Land On Mars Tonight.” Carley is another fine singer/songwriter from Portland OR who came to Sturgeon Bay WI last week for the 3rd annual Love on Holiday festival. In all, the artists involved wrote and recorded 35 new songs during the week! Carley has a beautiful voice and she’s playing ukelele which I’ve promised myself I’m going to learn someday! Here’s a link to her YouTube channel.




Swamp Cabbage – “New VooDoo Boogaloo”

Awesome musicians and singer/songwriters from around the country – and literally the world – come to Sturgeon Bay WI for the 3 collaborative music festivals that happen there each year. A great treat at last week’s Love on Holiday festival was that Walter Parks came up from sunny Florida and braved the cold to be with us for the week. From 2001 – 2010 Walter toured with Richie Havens and he also played at Richie’s memorial service. His current band, Swamp Cabbage drips swampy blues. Here’s a tasty tune they performed just last month. If you like this, here’s a link to Walter’s website. And to hear much more from the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, check out Steelbridge Radio.