Anders Osborne – “Burning On The Inside”

Anders Osborne performing “Burning On The Inside.” Anders Osborne was born in Sweeden in 1966 but has called New Orleans his home since 1985. I’ve seen him perform several times. I was at a show a couple years ago where he played the entire Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” album for the first set and then songs from his 2 new albums for the second set. It was fantastic!! Hope Anders comes back to see us this summer!

Anders Osborne




Drive-By Truckers – “Made Up English Oceans”

Drive-By Truckers new release, “Made Up English Oceans” came out on 3/3/14. Drive-By Truckers will be playing tonight at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI. It’s a sold-out show but I’ll be there as a volunteer usher. It should be a great time!

Drive-By Truckers

Andrea Wittgens – “Blue Eyed Fool”

Andrea Wittgens performing “Blue Eyed Fool.” Andrea Wittgens is a singer/songwriter from New York City. But like a lot of other terrific artists, her “second home” is Sturgeon Bay WI. That’s because she’s a frequent collaborator in the 3 great music festivals that happen there each year. I’ve seen her several times at Steelbridge Songfest, Dark Songs and Love on Holiday and she always impresses. I picked this song because the title reminds me of a guy I know. You can listen to more of Andrea’s music by clicking here. And you can listen to more music from the Sturgeon Bay festivals by going to Steelbridge Radio.

Andrea Wittgens

The German Art Students – “Civil War Reenactor”

The German Art Students performing “Civil War Reenactor.” I saw The German Art Students last night at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI. It was a benefit for “The New World Horror,” a full-length Wisconsin based film shooting this summer. I picked this song because it’s my favorite. You’ve got to love the line, “You drink the whiskey/I’ll cut your leg off.” I also picked this because it features the beautiful UW Union Terrace in summer. I can’t wait!!


Lonnie Brooks – “All My Money Back”

Lonnie Brooks performing “All My Money Back.” Lonnie Brooks is one of the great Blues guitar players, born in Louisiana and moved to Chicago in 1960. He recently turned 80 and his 2 sons, Wayne Baker Brooks and Ronnie Baker Brooks are following in his footsteps as fine guitar players in their own right. Once I was at Summerfest in Milwaukee to see Bonnie Raitt with my old girlfriend, Deann. She needed to use the restroom and there was a long line for the ladies so I sneeked her into a stall in the mens’ room. We got caught by security and were escorted from the show! I had extra passes to get back on the grounds so we went to see Lonnie Brooks. He was terrific! Didn’t miss Bonnie at all but I did want “All My Money Back!”

Lonnie Brooks

Bob Dylan – “Things Have Changed”

Bob Dylan’s music video for “Things Have Changed.” Bob Dylan is one of the most polarizing figures in music. You either love him or hate him and even some who love his music hate his performances! I’ve seen Dylan 5 times over the years – remember that he didn’t tour for a long time. Personally, I’ve never been disappointed. Probably because I try to be into whatever the artist is feeling for that night’s show. Whatever you think about him though, there’s no debating the fact that Bob Dylan is our most prolific songwriter. Keep on keepin’ on, Bob!

Bob Dylan


John Prine – “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody”

John Prine’s video for “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody.” John Prine recently performed at the Overture Center in Madison WI. He is a treasure and it’s always a treat when he comes to visit us every couple years. It would be easy for me to pick “Illegal Smile” because everybody likes that one but my favorite John Prine song is “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody.” I’ve just always dug the groove and the message. If there’s a song that’s going to stick in my head all weekend, I hope it’s this one.

snake eyes