Mojo Radio – “Bone Shaker”

I’ve been looking for something I could use to feature Mojo Radio on Madison Area Blues & More. This is their official release video for “Bone Shaker.” I’ve seen Mojo Radio play 3 or 4 times and they always put on a high energy show!

Mojo Radio



Cowboy Winter – “Meet Me Halfway There”

Cowboy Winter was the headliner last Thursday at the Musicians For WORT event at the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison WI. Cowboy Winter features my good buddy, Kevin Willmott on lead vocals. I promised Kevin I’d feature Cowboy Winter on Madison Area Blues & More but the only video I could find on YouTube was this promo. If you like it, click here to hear the rest of “Meet Me Halfway There.” Thanks again to Cowboy Winter for supporting WORT!

Cowboy Winter

Modern Mod – “Monday Mornings”

What’s up?! No, I wasn’t sick – just tied up with a couple of projects. Modern Mod played a Musicians For WORT event last Thursday at the Crystal Corner Bar in Madison WI. These kids are great! Listening to them play, I couldn’t help but feel like they were channeling a little Blondie. Then midway through their set they did a Blondie cover and that cinched it! “Monday Mornings” is Modern Mod’s debut music video from earlier this year. Thanks again to them for supporting WORT!

Modern Mod

Purgatory Hill – “Drinking Or Driving”

Much fun this past weekend! I finally got back to Sturgeon Bay WI in beautiful Door County for some golf, great food, drinking and of course, music! We met up with pat mAcdonald and melaniejane from Purgatory Hill a couple nights for some revelry. Exciting news that they’ve purchased the building next door to the Holiday Music Motel and named it the Tambourine. It will become a recording and performance space as well as a sanctuary for artists. Here’s one of my favorites from Purgatory Hill. And pat is correct – it’s either drinking or driving in Sturgeon Bay – the cops are everywhere!


Honey Island Swamp Band

This year, La Fete de Marquette moved to a new location – the new Central Park in Madison WI. Last Thursday, after a grand opening program for the new park, we were treated to some terrific music from the Honey Island Swamp Band. Those of us who haven’t been to New Orleans for some years hadn’t seen them and were blown away! Here’s a taste from their set at the New Orleans Jazz Fest this past April.


Honey Island Swamp Band

Rusted Root – “Ecstasy”

As I mentioned, I spent 2 days last week at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI. You have to be nimble at Summerfest! There are 6 stages – outside the Marcus Amphitheater – where the main acts you want to see play. However, they stagger the start times from 9:30 to 10:00 and it is of course, rock and roll, so you have to take that into account as well! I timed it right to catch the final half hour of Rusted Root. “Ecstasy” is their usual encore and it gives a taste of the energy of Rusted Root’s live show.

Rusted Root

Guided By Voices – “Game Of Pricks”

I worked for the Guided By Voices show last Friday night at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI. I can’t say that they’re my favorite band but their fans sure were great! Easiest post show clean-up I’ve ever had and these people tipped heavy – we each made well over $100 in tips! The reports I got from people who cared were that the show and the sound were fantastic. Here’s some live Guided By Voices from a couple years ago.

Guided By Voices