Morris Day – “Jungle Love”

Summerfest is underway on Milwaukee’s lakefront! It’s the World’s Largest Music Festival with literally hundreds of performers! I’m going to be featuring artists I’ve seen at Summerfests past and those I’m going to see this year. Morris Day – with or without The Time – has been a frequent performer at Summerfest. I’ve probably seen him a half dozen times over the years and he’s still as funky as ever!

Morris Day


Albert Collins – “Master Charge”

The late, great Albert Collins performing “Master Charge.” Albert Collins, a/k/a “The Iceman” and the “Master of the Telecaster” was one of my favorite Blues performers. I love all of his songs with that distinctive tone his guitar had but “Master Charge” is probably my favorite because it reminds me of when I was married. I only got to see Albert Collins once while I was living in Chicago. My ex wasn’t happy that I went to the show but then she wasn’t happy about a lot of things. That’s why she’s my ex!

Albert Collins


Guided By Voices – “Game Of Pricks”

I worked for the Guided By Voices show last Friday night at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison WI. I can’t say that they’re my favorite band but their fans sure were great! Easiest post show clean-up I’ve ever had and these people tipped heavy – we each made well over $100 in tips! The reports I got from people who cared were that the show and the sound were fantastic. Here’s some live Guided By Voices from a couple years ago.

Guided By Voices

Otis Rush In Concert

Here’s a great sounding concert performance by a true Chicago Bluesman, Otis Rush. Like many of the best in Chicago, Otis Rush moved there from Mississippi. He established his sound as West Side Chicago Blues. Otis doesn’t play shows anymore since he suffered a stroke but this video shows him looking and sounding as I remember seeing him – with a full backing band.

Otis Rush

Eddy Clearwater – “Came Up The Hard Way”

Eddy Clearwater performing “Came Up The Hard Way.” Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater has been a mainstay of the Chicago Blues scene since the 1950’s. He learned to play guitar left-handed and strung upside down. “The Chief” has played with Magic Sam, Otis Clay and Lonnie Brooks among many others. I’ve been fortunate enough to see him several times. This song is one of his signature tunes.

Eddy Clearwater



Purgatory Hill – “Baby Love”

All this week, I’ve featured artists and musicians who were in Sturgeon Bay WI last weekend for the Steel Bridge Songfest. No Steel Bridge feature would be complete without Purgatory Hill! Purgatory Hill features the “Godfather” of Steel Bridge Songfest, pAt macdonald and the woman who keeps everything together all week, melaniejane. I know I join with all the artists, musicians and fans when I say Thanks! to pAt and melaniejane for another great year! See you in Sturgeon Bay in October for Dark Songs! Until then, you can always listen to Steel Bridge music at Steel Bridge Radio.

Groove Session – “Get Loose”

All week, I’m featuring artists and bands who played last weekend at Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay WI. One of my favorites is Groove Session from Ontario CA. We had a treat last night in Madison WI – Groove Session played a gig at Badger Bowl along with some other Steel Bridge artists, including Kim Manning from the P-Funk All-Stars! It was an awesome show and the bargain of the year at only $6! The night ended with a “Jam Factory.” All the artists got on stage, solicited a song idea from the audience and proceeded to compose a song on the spot! It was amazing and they did it 4 times!

Groove Session