The Madpolecats – “Delilah/Soul”

Another fun band who played last Saturday at AtwoodFest were The Madpolecats. Their sound is probably best described as Rockabilly. They also bring a lot of energy to their shows! Here’s a taste from a Madpolecats show last year at the Club Tavern in Middleton WI.




Charles Walker Band – “Soul Deep”

The Charles Walker Band played last Saturday at AtwoodFest. I hadn’t seen them before. They really brought the funk and everyone loved them! Charles Walker can really blow the sax and Porsche Carmon has a great set of pipes! Here’s the music video from their original tune, “Soul Deep.” It showcases both of them – and some nice booty, too!

Charles Walker

Altered Five

Madison WI has a nice addition to our summer music festival schedule. A new and improved Atwood Fest happened over the weekend. Two days and two stages of local, regional and national acts! One of the opening bands on Saturday was Altered Five, Milwaukee’s Soul Rockin’ Blues Band. It’s the 3rd time I’ve seen them this summer and they always get you movin’. Here’s a video montage of clips from several of their shows. I’ll be featuring some other highlights from Atwood Fest this week.

Altered Five

Bob Schneider – Live!

So far, this has been one of the better summers we’ve had for music in Madison WI. Last week was another great show – Bob Schneider at the Majestic Theatre. It was a weeknight and not a huge crowd but awesome music, nonetheless! I don’t post on the weekends – I’m out seeing music for future posts – so I like something longer on Fridays. Here’s a Bob Schneider show from a club in Austin TX about a month ago. Have a great weekend!

Bob Schneider

Bonnie Raitt – “Runaway”

I saw Bonnie Raitt a few weeks ago at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI. Tickets for her shows can run $75 so when I saw she was scheduled at one of the “free” stages, I wasn’t going to miss it – even though it was a damp, cold night! I always try to go into a show with an open mind – I’m ready to hear whatever the artist feels like playing that night. On this night, Bonnie Raitt felt like doing covers – a lot of them! – so it’s fitting that I feature one. This one – Del Shannon’s “Runaway” – has always been my favorite.

Bonnie Raitt


Jackson Browne – “These Days”

One of the great things about living in Madison WI is that we often get major acts stopping through between shows in Chicago and the Twin Cities. Jackson Browne is in the middle of a solo tour and he recently played at our beautiful Overture Center. Jackson Browne is one of the few singers who seemingly sounds the same now as he did 30 years ago and he still brings his passion for the music to every show! Here’s Jackson singing ‘These Days” from a show he did in Michigan just last week.

Jackson Browne

Dick Dale – “Miserlou”

I crossed something off my “Bucket List” on Sunday night! Dick Dale was at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI! I’ve always wanted to see and hear “The King of Surf Guitar” and he didn’t disappoint! Long time “Dickheads” told me that he’s looking and sounding better than the last tour. He told great stories – I didn’t know that Dick Dale was good friends with Jimi Hendrix – played drums and harmonica and even used the drumsticks to play on the bass! But we were all there to hear that one-of-a-kind sound that he gets from that Fender Stratocaster. Amazing!! Keep on kepin’ on, Dick!

Dick Dale